Monday, March 14, 2016

March 13, 2016

After a weekend of several surprise results, there is a lot of movement in the power ratings. Unsurprisingly, Houston is the biggest beneficiary after dolling out the 5-0 harshness to Dallas - a result that earned them 39 points in the ratings, and +6.852 in their end of season points prediction. Other large positive moves were made by Philadelphia (+22 / + 5.030), Montreal (+21 / +4.156) and San Jose (+17 / +4.122).

Portland still retains its lead for the Supporters Shield run in terms of points prediction, but their lead has been narrowed from a runaway 9.2 points, to a mere 3.3 points. That race is only just beginning, of course.

Looking forward to next week's fixtures, Portland vs Salt Lake is the most lop-sided match with Portland expecting 2.26 points from that game, while Philadelphia vs New England is the closest to a coinflip.

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