Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trying to Keep Track of Sporting Kansas City's Salary Budget

The rules to the salary cap are fairly complicated. This is my attempt to keep track of it for Sporting Kansas City.

Only roster spots 1-20 are counted towards the cap, 19 and 20 are "optional" spots (meaning you can fill spots 21-30 before you have to fill 19 and 20), and GA players don't count towards the cap. Any one player can only contribute up to $350,000 to the salary cap as well. Sporting Kansas City's salary spots currently look like this (as of 12/12/12 which includes the Feilhaber and Opara trades)

1 Feilhaber, Benny 400,000
2 Nagamuro, Paulo 250,000
3 Collin, Aurelien 210,000
4 Kamara, Kei 210,000
5 Convery, Bobby 200,000
6 Nielson, Jimmy 200,000
7 Zusi, Graham 105,000
8 Opara, Ike 100,000
9 Besler, Matt 91,751
10 Myers, Chance 86,000
11 Peterson, Jacob 81,000
12 Kronberg, Eric 69,850
13 Dwyer, Dom 60,000
14 Sinovic, Seth 60,000
15 Thomas, Michael 55,000
16 Gardner, Josh 54,120
17 Kempin, Jonathan 46,500
18 Joseph, Peterson 44,100

Which puts the total salary budget at $2,273,321. Now, we would expect Feilhaber, Opara, and Gardner to take some pay cuts (mostly Feilhaber), but we would also expect that Besler got quite a bit of a raise when he was re-signed this morning (although the pic Robb took wasn't sharp enough for me to tell ;) ). Let's just call it a net wash between those four players so far.

$2,273,321. So we still have over half a million in cap space BEFORE we pay any of it down with allocation money.

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