Monday, November 26, 2012

Goodbye Roger Espinosa

Roger Epsinosa has a physical with Wigan Athletic of the Premier League on Wednesday for a stint that will begin in January.

I'm a pretty bad fan when it comes to our best players being signed abroad. I'm selfish and it's really hard for me to be happy. Anyway, here is a pessimistic afterthought of Roger's departure:

In the 2012 regular season, when Roger Espinosa played, Sporting Kansas City was 15-5-4 (2.04 PPG).
In the 2012 regular season, when Roger Espinosa did not play, Sporting Kansas City was 2-2-4 (1.25 PPG).

The only two teams we beat without Roger were New England and Philadelphia, two of the worst clubs in the East this season.

It was apparent that the team looked very different with and without Roger. Here's to hoping for a productive off-season.

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